I am a Christian faith-based counselor, working from a Christian worldview and using Biblical principles as a foundation for my counseling. My worldview is one of reality based on the absolute truths of the Bible, God’s inspired Word to humanity. I also believe that God’s common grace is universal to all of humanity and available to everyone. His common grace has been extended to the founders of our treatment therapies that are proven to be beneficial to everyone when used according to empirical methods that have proven their effectiveness. It has been my experience that I can integrate my Christian worldview with scientifically proven counseling therapies and techniques without compromising my faith or offending my clients. I do not expect clients to embrace my spiritual beliefs, and faith-based topics are integrated into therapy as a client chooses.

For many people, emotional issues have a strong spiritual or religious component that affects their worldview. It is critical to appreciate and respect a person’s spiritual and religious background, their beliefs, principles, values, and morals. Neglecting a person’s spiritual background can significantly hinder or undo the benefits of therapy.

It is very possible you have previous experiences with counseling that viewed your religious believes as a problem rather than a part of you as a person. Regardless of your spiritual or religious affiliation or non-affiliation, my purpose is to assist you with the issues that are affecting your daily living. My objective is to respect those beliefs and provide the therapy necessary to heal the wounds rather than infect them, and help you reach your goals.